Toyota Service Tips & Information

Take a Closer Look at the Range of Services Offered at Sheehy Toyota of Stafford

For our staff members at Sheehy Toyota of Stafford, the top priority is to ensure that each of our local Stafford, VA customers can revel in the quality of their vehicle for the long-term future. A key part of maintaining that comes with routine trips to our service center for an appointment with our expert mechanics. No matter if you're in need of a simple inspection or a specific vehicle need, we're confident that our wide range of available services will prove that we're the top destination for keeping your Toyota in excellent shape.

Toyota Acessories

If you're on the hunt for a genuine Toyota accessory to raise your vehicle's performance, view our stock of Toyota accessories.

Cabin Air Filters

Have you noticed a dip in quality with your A/C or heating system? There's a good chance that could be due to a faulty air filter.

Oil Changes

Oil changes are crucial for car ownership, and there's a lot to learn about the effects of clean oil and the right viscosity for your engine.

Transmission Repair

Transmission issues can spring up on drivers. Here are several indicators for a failing transmission before it impacts your vehicle.


Here, we offer a convenient guide for utilizing Toyota brake components when you start to notice a difference in your braking.

Scion Service Boost

If you own a Scion, don't miss out on the Scion Service Boost. We still honor this service program and are happy to discuss details.

Tire Service Tips

While most drivers are aware of the need for tire rotations, there are some facts that can be missed by even long-time owners.

Dashboard Lights Guide

Who knows your car better than the car itself? See the meaning of each of the 22 lights you may see in your dashboard.


Have you noticed issues starting your vehicle? Your battery may be starting to get too old, making it a lot less reliable for your needs.

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