toyota dash with several warning lights on

Toyota Dash Lights Meaning

If you have had a light pop up on your dash, you’ve most likely wondered what it meant. Below, we have the most common Toyota dash lights and their meaning. Depending on your Toyota model and the year, you may have more lights. For information on a light you do not recognize, call our service department at Sheehy Toyota of Fredericksburg.

abs warning light

ABS Warning Light

This light indicates that there is something wrong with the Anti-lock braking system or the Brake Assist system.

charging system warning

Charging System Warning Light

If this light turns on, it means that a malfunction has occurred in the Toyota model’s charging system. Pull over and get service as soon as possible.

cruise control indicator
electric power steering

Cruise Control Indicator

If your model has cruise control, this means that cruise control has been turned on and is active.

Electric Power Steering (EPS) Warning Light

If this light comes on, it indicates that something has gone wrong with the power steering system. Pull over immediately.

headlight high beam indicator

Headlight High Beam Indicator

This light will turn on when you activate the high beam headlights at night or in severe weather.

low engine oil pressure

Low Engine Oil Pressure Warning Light

If this light comes on, it means that the pressure of your engine oil is too low which can lead to your engine overheating.

low fuel level
master warning light

Low Fuel Level Warning Light

This light means that you should get more fuel as soon as possible. The amount of fuel left when this light comes on varies in each vehicle.

Master Warning Light

This light will come with a buzzing warning sound as well. This warning means that something has gone wrong with the master warning system.

seat belt reminder light

Seat Belt Reminder Light

This warning will go off if the driver or front seat passenger does not have their seat belt fastened. Once seat belts are fastened, it will turn off.

security indicator

Security Indicator

This light indicates that the security system is working and will turn off when the ignition or ENGINE START STOP switch has been turned to ON.

slip indicator
SRS warning light

Slip Indicator

If this light is on, it means that Vehicle Stability Control is operating. Depending on what vehicle you have, a buzzer may sound as well.

SRS Warning Light

This light indicates that there could be an issue with the Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) air bag system, front passenger occupant system, or the seat belt pretensioner system.

tire pressure warning light

Tire Pressure Warning Light

This light indicates a tire has low pressure or is flat. If the light stays on after flashing for 1 minute, the tire pressure warning system has malfunctioned.

TRAC off indicator

TRAC OFF Indicator

If you choose to turn off TRAC, this will remain on the dash until it is turned back on.

turn signal indicator
VSC Off indicator

Turn Signal Indicator

This will indicate what direction you are turning. If it flashes faster, a light bulb may have burnt out.

VSC OFF Indicator

If you press the switch to turn off VSC, this light will turn on. Once you turn the system back on, the light will turn off.