Meet the Safer Toyota Yaris

The Yaris has long been popular because it is fun to drive and offers great fuel efficiency. Potential owners will also be pleased to learn that the 2019 models feature upgraded safety features. Our Toyota showroom has the latest models in our inventory. Stop in and go for a test drive.

When traveling in town at lower speeds, sensors continually monitor the front of the Yaris for potential hazards. When the system detects possible danger, the driver receives an audible and a visual alert to apply the brakes. If the driver fails to respond, the system applies the brakes automatically to prevent an accident.

In order to ensure ongoing visibility, the windshield wipers are equipped with technology that senses precipitation. When rain or snow impacts the windshield, the wipers automatically engage. The system also adjusts the wiper speed to accommodate the amount of precipitation. Check out all of the features found on the Yaris by visiting our Toyota dealership.



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