Toyota Corolla iM has Helpful Safety Features

Looking for a popular hatchback with safety features? Check the all-new Toyota Corolla iM.

One way that the Toyota Corolla iM is going to help reduce the chance of a collision on the road is by way of the Pre-Collision Assist feature. Radars scan the road ahead, if a collision threat is detected, first the driver gets warning alerts, then the brakes pre-charge to assist is stopping in time.

Now you won't have to guess anymore if the area is clear behind your Toyota Corolla iM, just shift into reverse and the rear view camera is activated. The screen on your center console becomes the eyes behind your car, giving you a unique look at anyone or anything that could be in your path as you're rolling back.

Be sure to give yourself the opportunity to see these features in action, test drive the all-new Toyota Corolla iM when you stop at Sheehy Toyota of Stafford.

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