The New Toyota Highlander Has Helpful Safety Features

Once we took possession of the Toyota Highlanders on the lot here at Sheehy Toyota of Stafford, we knew we needed to share this information with our audience. This popular midsize SUV comes with some unique safety features making driving that much easier for motorists.

If you are driving the Highlander on the road and another vehicle is in your blind spot, as soon as you try to change lanes, the Blind Spot Information System detects a threat and will flash the side mirror on your corresponding side so you don't leave the safety of your lane until the area is clear.

To activate the rear view camera system in the all-new Toyota Highlander, simply shift the vehicle into reverse. Now that information screen on the center console becomes the camera lens, giving the driver the ability to easily detect anything moving or stationary that may be in the path as driving back.



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