The Toyota Tundra is Safer than You’d Think

Even among a sea of competitors, the Toyota Tundra is a pickup truck that stands out. The looks and performance take center stage, but the safety features deserve a close look, too. The Tundra's advanced safety features positively do impress.

The Pre-Collision System reflects the outstanding safety features installed in the Tundra. The combination of a camera and radar keep track of both vehicles and pedestrians in front of the car. If an accident seems imminent, audio-visual alerts go off. A serious accident may be outright avoided thanks to the warning.

The Brake Assist (BA) feature further helps those interested in maximizing safety behind the wheel. As the name indicates, Brake Assist may work in conjunction with the Pre-Collision System in the event you cannot apply the brakes quickly enough.

Would-be buyers in the local area should plan on visiting Sheehy Toyota of Stafford for a test drive. This way, you can see how the features work and get a real feel for the truck.

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